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Tips to Stay on Track

With all of our buys schedules, it might seem impossible to stick with your diet and exercise routine. I have used these tools and I find that I have my best success with the help of Create a Plan This is the easiest, yet most skipped step. Create a workout routine for yourself. Whether you hire a… Continue reading Tips to Stay on Track

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Quick 20 Min Leg and Booty Burn

Lately I have not been able to "properly" train legs. I say "properly" because the moves that I currently cannot do, are the most effective. Those would be any squat or lung variation, and majority of the machines in the gym. My knee problems have also cause me to deter away from my usual cardio:… Continue reading Quick 20 Min Leg and Booty Burn

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25 Min Shoulder & Back Workout!

What you'll need: Timer: I use the app GymBoss (free) and I can create any kind of timer I want! The intervals you will want to create for this is 6 working intervals of 30 sec each, 3 working intervals of 20 sec each, and 1 rest interval for 1 min (60 seconds), there will… Continue reading 25 Min Shoulder & Back Workout!