2018. The year of traveling. This past year my goal was to travel more. So far I have traveled to Paris, Ireland, Hawaii, and a couple other weekend trips throughout California, and I could not get enough! I have a traveling throughout the US my whole life through travel softball, but I never got to really explore that much when traveling. And lately I feel like that is what my soul needs; not to sound to cliche. But this world has so much to offer and to learn from. I want to see the different cultures that make every country unique. I want to see the world that other people see, that to some, is all that they see. Most of all, i just want to explore. And that is what I will keep doing for as long as I can. I will share all of my experiences from Air BnB’s, hotels, food, and everything in between to hopefully inspire other to travel, and give tips and tricks along the way.

As Always: Never let what matter least get in the way of what matters most.

-XO Simmone