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Quay Australia Sunglasses: Stay Shady

Alright ya’ll. Today I wanted to share my absolute favorite brand of sunglasses right now. And that is the company Qauy (pronounced Key) Australia.

They are an Australian based company that I swear is taking over the world. They sell their products online, in stores such as Nordstroms, and have a couple US store locations, including San Diego at the UTC mall (find a location near you here).

Now, why are they my favorite sunglasses? A couple reasons: price, quality, and style.

Style: What drew me to these sunglasses is that they have just about every style out there. They range from you classic oversized aviator sunglasses, to cat eye sunglasses, to very edgy, trendy sunglasses. Any occasion that you can think of, they have something for it.

Looking for something to compliment an edgy fierce look, id suggest the Don’t @ Me sunglasses.

Is the 90’s minimal chic look what you are going for? Well they got you covered with PLENTY to choose from like the Finesse and Clout sunglasses.

Oversized sunglasses? And I mean OVERSIZED, I’d go for OTL II, On the Prowl, and After Hours.

High Key Rose Gold/Green Fade

My favorite sunglasses I would have to say are the High Keys, both regular and mini. They are your classic oversized aviator sunglasses that just compliment any outfit so well. You can dress up a simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt with one of the silver or gold rimmed High Keys like the Rose Gold/Green Fade High Keys.

High Key Mini Black Polarized

Or if you don’t want to wear anything super flashy to keep an outfit casual, any of the Sahara sunglasses, or of course my favorite High Keys, like the black on black polarized, are the perfect options to complete any outfit. I also like to wear these if I am running errands in some athleisure or had a long night out the night before…, these are perfect to throw on in those quick moments of need.

PriceThis is my favorite thing about them. You would think for glasses that are up to date with the latest fashion trends and of such a great quality, it would cost you and arm and a leg. But no, these sunglasses range from $55 to $65. Yes, you read that right. $65 is the max that I have paid for my sunglasses, even polarized ones that typical range for minimum of $100.

One of the many reasons that turned me away from those name brand sunglasses like Ray-Ban is that for a classic style of sunglasses, it would easily cost me $120+. Essentially you are just paying for the name at that point in my opinion, and I feel like I would be scared to take those bad boys out of its case! But hey, to each their own.

Also, if you join their email list, they send out some pretty sweet deals. Lately they seem to have been having a lot of promotions, like BOGO free or BOGO half off. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I can’t pass down an opportunity for some free sunnies!

Quality: To me these glasses feel and look like such a high quality sunglasses. Majority of their sunglasses are made with metal and stainless steel. They provided a good level of UV protection as they offer category 2, 3, and polarized lenses. And I luckly haven’t had to test out their durability, but I have a feeling they could withstand a wild Sunday Funday if ya know what  I mean.

So, are you ready to grab a pair or maybe even two? Don’t worry I won’t judge. Me and my growing collection will just be waiting for you to join in on the fun.

-XO Simmone



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