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Kauai, HI – Favorite Beaches

At the end of July I went on a week long vacation to Hawaii with my mom. We stayed on the island of Kauai and to say it was amazing is an understatement. There are no words to describe it but I will try my best! I broke this up into multiple blog post because as I was writing, I noticed there was far to much to cover in just one post. So I am going to start a mini series for my trip to Kauai and here is how it will be broken down (links to come!):

  • Favorite Beaches
  • Places to Eat
  • Where to Adventure
  • Things to do When it Rains

First, lets start with my favorite beaches from this trip!

Kappa’a Beach:

View from the beach in Kappa’a

For this trip  I had gotten in a day before my mom, really just only 12 hours since my flight got in late at night. The next day after eating and waiting for my moms flight to come in, I was able to check into our condo for the week (Plantation Hale Suites).

What was really nice about the location of this condo was that it was walking distance to the beach. There is a Marriott that is right on the beach, but this was still fine.

When I had asked my Lyft driver which beaches did we need to check out, they mentioned that this beach was not going to be busy, but the tide conditions would be pretty rough, some rocks, and since there is no lifeguard there, they did not recommend going into the water. With that in mind, after dropping off my bags in our room, I took a walk to see what kind of beach this was. I was blown away with how blue the water was, and how calm and relaxing it was to just stand there and watch the waves come in. Being from San Diego, you would think is not that foreign to me, but it was completely different.

The Marriott that I mentioned before that was right on the beach that had chairs set up for you to sit on and hang out or read a book, which is perfect during sunset I might add.

If you are staying in this area, I highly suggest walking or biking on over even if it is just for a moment. What was also nice, is the luau that we had gone to was at the Marriott as well, so we could walk on the beach before hand which is pretty neat.

Poipu Beach:

Making Friends on the Beach

Poipu Beach was the first beach that we went too, other than the one right by our condo. And to be honest, it was not one of my favs. There was a decent size parking lot and we found parking quite quickly which was nice. But once walking to the sand, there were people everywhere. It also did not help that there was a resort that lead straight to the shore. This beach did have a lifeguard though if that is something that mattes to you!

There was not much beach space and it felt like we were constantly on top of the group next to us. Not to mention the many chickens that kept wanting to come say hello haha. I am not sure if it was just that day or that time, but it seemed like it was high tide as well. It got to the point that one of the groups next to us got wet by a wave that came up quite high.

The water was still quite warm, but it was hard to to just hang out in the shallow waves as there was a lot of rocks near the shore. There was this cool island like piece of land (think Peach Island) but to get to it you had to walk across some jagged rocks, which did not stop some people. But I did not want to get injured walking out there.

If you are short on time, there are other beaches worth checking out. But if you have plenty of time, maybe check it out. Maybe even try going out to the little island. The pics may have been worth it lol.

Hanalei Beach:

Me and My Mom at Hanalei Beach

Before planning to go to Hanalei Beach, we were told that this beach gets pretty busy so to get there early. We ended up heading up to the beach around 10:30/11am.This beach is on the north shore near the town of Princeville and since we were staying in Kapa’a it was about a 30 min drive. The views on the drive alone were just jaw dropping amazing. I could not peel my eyes from looking out the window or taking photos so I could not wait to see what the beach had to offer.

Once we got there, we were unsure of how to get to the beach, so we just picked a spot to park on a side street that was parellel to the beach and where there was a lot of foot traffic. We started walking about 5 min and ended up finding a parking lot fairly close to the beach, but the walk was not bad at all.

The beach was not busy at all which was nice. Even throughout the day as more people came, there was enough room for everyone to be fairly spread out an not on top of each other.

The water was a little bit cooler, but since the day was warmer, it felt so nice. The waves are not to crazy, you can stand out probably about shoulder height and be fine. While being out on the water I could not get over how looking out one way you see the open ocean, and then when you turn back to look at the beach you have the beautiful mountain ranges.

We stayed at this beach for just about 4 hours and it could not have been a more relaxing day.

Anini Beach:

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Tree Fort at Anini Beach

If you are looking for a beach with fairly still water, great snorkeling, and great for little kids, this is your beach. When my mom and I arrived at this beach, we did not know what to expect. There was plenty of parking in one of the first parking lots that we came up to when first approaching the beach, and it was right next to the sand. There was also a public bathroom fairly close as well. Where we decided to post up was right next to this cool looking tree cove (actually ended up under it as it started to rain a little bit, but nothing other that a little sprinkle). The sand was very fine and there were not a lot of rocks which was very nice.

When we got everything set up I wasted no time getting in the water with my snorkel gear. There were a lot of groups out there so I had a feeling that there was lots to see. At first, I came across some coral reefs which were beautiful to look at, but the further I got from shore, the more alive the sea got. I couldn’t believe the different fish out there! What was also nice was that it did not get more than 6-7ft (at least where I was) so you could stay pretty close to the surface and still see so much!

After browsing around I began to notice groups of people continuously going to this one area of the ocean. So what did I do? I swam over to see what was going on, and I am so happy I did! There was a sea turtle hanging out by one of the coral reefs, and it was HUGE! That is only the second time I have come across a sea turtle while snorkeling (the first time was my last trip to Hawaii on the island of Maui last year) so it was neat to come across another one.

The water itself was pretty warm. The day we had decided to go to this beach it was raining on and off throughout the day and throughout the island. When I was in the water the sky had decided to open up a little bit and it was a relaxing experience to be out in the ocean while it was raining. This was one of my top beaches, but I don’t think I was able to see it in its true glory as it was overcast so not much light was in the water. But that just means I have to come back right?

Bottom Line:

Just drive. Unfortunately, they had a recent flooding in the northwest side of the island so we couldn’t drive in a complete circle around the island, but we could still get to 90% of the island. We did not get to any beaches on the west shore, but I am sure they are nothing short of amazing. Grab a map, pick a beach and get lost in all the island has to offer!

As Always: Never let what matters least, get in the way of what matters most.

-XO Simmone

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