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Banana Ice Cream

So if you are anywhere in California right now, you are probably melting as we speak. Lately it has been SOO hot, and naturally I want to have a cool treat to cool me down. Except if you are trying to watch your carbs/fats intake, it might not be the best for you. Have no fear! There is a new option to satisfy those cravings. BANANA ICE CREAM. Now I in now way own or created this recipe. I just simply googled “banana ice cream” recipe, and now I want to pass it along to anyone who stumbles across my blog.

Got bananas that are going ripe but don,t want to waste them? Pop em in the freezer and they work just as well! If you are going to do so, do not peel them just yet. To peel them once frozen, take banana, cut off the ends on both sides and cut in half. Then cut the halves down the middle the long way and you should now easily peel off the peel!

imageWhat you will need: 1-2 bananas

  • Peel bananas
  • Cut them into pieces and place them in a bowl
  • Place bowl in freezer and let bananas freeze
  • Once frozen, take bananas out of the bowl and into a food processor
    *I believe any food processor works. I used a magic bullet!
  • Now blend! You might have to push food down off of the sides back to the middle of the food processor where the blades are a couple times but that is natural
  • The bananas will transform from a chopped mess to a creamy ice cream texture!

You can eat it right away or put it back in the freezer, covered, to let it harden a little more. Up to you.
Top with any toppings you desire and enjoy!

I topped with chuncky peanut butter and Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup!

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