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Always Get the Best Support

image I know I said I would write this post a while ago, but hey life happens but I am writing it now. I first wanted to start off that I am no doctor, and all my findings are from personal experience and what works for me.
So I am guessing you are here because you are experiencing knee pain due to continuous jumping motions. Majority of the time this is due to not having the right foot support. When I completed my first round of BBG I was wearing Nike Free TR 5.0 shoes. They look awesome, are light weight, and pretty comfy. So when I first was experiencing knee pain I did not think it was from my shoes, but my form. I went all 12 weeks without second guessing that and just worked through the knee pain. Luckily nothing bad came of it, but that is why I wanted to write this. If you are experiencing knee pain, DO NOT ignore it.
First, I would suggest your form as this could also play a really big role. During jump squats and lunges, make sure your knees are not going past your toes. You want them to be aligned with your ankles.
Second, if your form is on point and you still are experiencing knee pain, its time to get new shoes. I really like Nike shoes, so I walked into Nike and asked which shoes have the best support. That is when I came across the Pegasus+ 30. It took some time, and I asked the Nike worker about a million questions. But I wanted to make sure I got the right shoe. I even did a couple jump squats and jump lunges when I tried them on to test them out. And boy did I feel a difference right there in the store so of course I had to get them. And now I do not experience the knee pain I was getting during my BBG workouts!

Please keep in mind that these shoes are what worked for ME. My ankles naturally roll inwards when I walk, so I needed ones with a higher arch in them. Try on as many shoes as you need to until you find the ones that are perfect for you.

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