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I Lost My Motivation, Can You Help Me Find It?

We have all been there. Got a nice little routine going, feeling great. And then boom! Life hits you. You have no motivation to get to the gym, and want to eat anything that is basically a heart attack on a plate. It is OKAY, you are only human. I would be lying if I said I was motivated 100% of the time all day every day. If you have fallen off the horse, the key is to make sure you get back on!

So before you try to eat that family size bag of Doritos in one sitting and start to think you have lost all hope in getting back into the right mindset, here are some things I do to get back into it:

  1. Create a fitness Instagram account or follow a lot of fitness accounts:
    This is for accountability. Okay so I know that sounds weird, but it has seriously helped in ways I can’t even explain. First, having my fitness account that is solely dedicated to fitness and health was a great way for me to stay accountable. The fitness community on social media is also amazing! There are so many supportive people out there, no matter where you are at in your journey, they are there to help keep you motivated and push you to succeed.

  2. Buys some new workout clothes:
    Nothing gets me more pumped for the gym than new workout gear. I don’t know what it is, maybe it is the need to go show off all the cute things you just bought. But buying new workout clothes ALWAYS gives me that bit of motivation I need to get my booty in the gym. And it does not even have to be name brand things like Nike or Lulu (even though all their stuff is amazing) but what I mean is it can be some clothes that won’t break the bank. Sometimes that is even better because is cute clothes AND at a bargain. I swear, try it and next thing you know you will all of a sudden be in the gym getting your sweat on

  3. Compare progress pictures:
    This is something that has helped me tremendously. Something to keep in mind: try not to compare pictures that are only 1-2 weeks apart. Our bodies don’t change that fast. If a company is trying to sell you something with crazy results in 7 days, DONT BUY INTO IT. It is unrealistic and not sustainable. With that said, you could still see some small changes between 2 weeks, but it might not be as drastic and you want/think it should be. Remember this is a lifetime change and a slow process, but slow progress is still progress! Instead, compare pictures that are 1-2 months apart! If you are staying consistent with diet and exercise the results will show. When I get down, or think I’m not making progress, I compare pictures to when I first started my journey to remind myself of how far I have come and use my own progress as motivation to keep going and not give up till I am where I want to be.

  4. Grab a workout partner:
    Now I don’t know about you, but if I make plans to always hit the gym with a friend at a certain time everyday, I don’t want to be that person to bail out every time. So I make sure that I am always there. But choose your partner wisely. Make sure it’s someone who you know won’t easily skip out at the gym because that defeats the purpose and won’t help you at all.

  5. Look at people’s transformations:
    Now I say this with caution because sometimes this will have a negative reaction. It might bum you out that you don’t have as much progress as someone else. With this I don’t want you to compare your progress with theirs, but use their progress to motivate and inspire yourself. See it as “wow if they can do it I can do it”.

  6. Start now:
    Stop giving yourself the excuse of “I’ll start Monday” or “I’ll start tomorrow” because I guarantee tomorrow will come and you will have the same excuse. Make a plan, set some goals, and kill it! Remember either way, the time is going to pass. You might as well use the time now to better yourself for tomorrow!

Now these are some some things I use to help myself stay motivated. If you have any questions or want to share what keeps you motivated leave a comment or shoot me an email on my contact page!

Keep calm and squat on,

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